Trevor Noahs „Born a Crime“ – Rezensionen von Schüler*innen aus dem WPU-Kurs Englisch 11

Eine Lektüre im Englischunterricht? Das sorgt bei Schüler*innen nicht selten für Augenrollen. Der WPU-Kurs Englisch des 11. Jahrgangs räumt jedoch mit dem verstaubten Image der Schullektüre auf und zeigt anhand von Trevor Noahs Roman „Born a Crime“, dass Lesen nicht nur lehrreich sondern auch richtig unterhaltsam sein kann.

Fotos: WPU-Kurs Englisch, Jg. 11

The novel Born a crime was written by Trevor Noah and published in 2016. In the novel, Noah shares his stories and experiences with growing up as a mixed kid in South Africa. He faced many challenges such as discrimination, feeling left out and even abuse. He tells the stories with light-hearted humour and even though he sometimes talks about very serious topics, he always finds a way to tell a joke and make you laugh. In addition, he is extremely skilled in storytelling and will make you feel as if you are part of whatever moment he is talking about. He invites you to his world and you get to experience many heart-warming, shocking, hilarious, and action-packed memories of his. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. I totally recommend it, as it is entertaining and motivates you to think about the topics Trevor Noah addresses.

Melina Wolfram, E2

The novel “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah published in 2016 deals with Trevor’s childhood in South Africa. Sounds boring? Well, Trevor Noah offers a little something for everyone, be it moments of laughter and love or a rollercoaster of adventures. There are bold mothers throwing themselves out of busses, police chases and questions of race and belonging. Doesn’t that sound exciting? But don’t worry, Noah’s humour makes the book enjoyable and his language is easy to understand. So, the book is the right choice for those who want to improve their English and expand their horizon. That way, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. See, you shouldn’t judge a book only by its cover.

Hussain Setammuhamadalshamre, E3

The novel Born a crime by Trevor Noah, which was published in 2016, is a greatly written book. Trevor Noah writes about his life as a mixed child from South Africa during apartheid and how difficult it was for him to find out what he is and where he belongs. It also helps to understand how racism started in South Africa during Apartheid and has continued till now. I recommend this book to everyone, class or privately, since it is not only funny, but also very educating.

Fezikan Ahmed, E2

Trevor Noah – what a great person he is! He is not only a comedian but also a great author with a marvellous mindset. His novel Born a crime brings light into darkness in terms of humanity. Furthermore, it teaches you the devastating history of South Africa and its brutality when it comes to human dignity. Trevor Noah tells us about his life in the apartheid system of South Africa. Basically, it offers you a great perspective on how he and his family behaved and lived during that time. Trevor Noah is a mixed South African who experienced the system of Apartheid, which is the separation of different races. Mainly, white people in South Africa had privileges whereas black people were treated badly. However, I think that this book combines humour and history. It shows you the sad truth of apartheid and the omnipresence of racism. On the other hand, it is great how Noah confronts this reality with humour and ease. Thereby, Noah makes the reader forget how bad the situation actually is, bringing a little bit of happiness into darkness. If you are in for historic insights and a positive and funny atmosphere, I would highly recommend this novel.

Yad Rushdie, E1