Saving the planet – ein Blog des Englisch-Leistungskurses Q3

Blog Entries – Saving the planet – an introduction

What does it mean to save the planet? What does our planet need to be saved from? Is it just nature or also people and society that need saving?

Students of the 3rd semester English advanced course by Ms. Heck thought about these questions and wrote blog entries that deal with them: Some are humorous, others serious, some are informative, others call you to action.

All of them show that this semester’s central topic needs to be thought about and dealt with.

Maybe one of these texts inspires you to take action?

Enjoy reading!

By A. Heck

Raise your voice!

Hey guys,

Well, as all of you know (I at least hope so), there are lots of things happening right now in this world. From stopping climate change to the Black Lives Matter movement and so on and so forth.

I beg you all to take my words seriously because we need to change. We have to walk with the time and with loads of time change will come.

Of course, we have to handle the climate and pollution better, but what is going on in politics and society is what we really HAVE to work on.

Stop trying to understand everything – that’s not your job.

Start minding your own business and let people live in equality.

Skin colour or sexual orientations and preferences do not matter.

Also start fighting for people who need the help. We are one community, so start to behave like you are a part of it because there is no other part.

We all have a voice, so use it and speak up!

In conclusion: Please help and don’t stay silent. So maybe we can also convince politicians that there is something wrong going on.


Saving the Planet? I think so!!!

If you weren’t living under a rock those last years, you must have noticed that something big is going on that includes the daily life of every single individual on this planet: climate change.

Climate change is coming for every single one of us, so it still confuses me how some people keep polluting the world. The signs are clear that we need to change something.

I mean, NASA is out there searching for a planet that can be re-structured for our benefit and for us to live there.

So how about getting our shit together before we all have to book a one-way ticket to the moon or Jupiter?


Yesterday morning, on my way to school, I noticed an older man arguing with a young child. He could be a teenager. So, I took a closer look and tried to figure out what they were arguing about.

It was as I thought.

The older man was upset about the fact that the teenager threw a piece of plastic into the Havel.

And it made me think about the current situation of our planet. If so many people have no interest in the current environmental situation, it might end not so well for us and the planet. And if you haven’t already guessed the topic of my blog entry, I can tell you that it’s about some ways to save this planet and its oceans.

If we don’t contribute to saving this planet, our grandchildren or even our children won’t have the good life we had. To underline my opinion, I’ll give you some examples of what I’d save.

The ocean has a high priority in saving the environment. You might not care but let me tell you that a decent amount of plastic from the ocean lands, in combination with fish, on our plates. In addition, if the coral reefs die, the quality of the water is affected in a really bad way. To handle that, some new water filtering technology is required. Even if one can’t invent stuff like that, it will also help to just use a trashcan! This could also be useful in this school, though.

Besides this environmental crisis, we also have a huge problem with the current climate situation due to bad ways of winning energy, the failure to reduce CO2 emissions and more.

If you’re interested in this topic, go check out my blog entry about climate change.

All in all, I can say that the oceans are in great danger and we have to act right now if we still want to save them and even us.

If we start together right now, we can reach this goal successfully.


Family Guy opened my eyes

Ay there pal,

Recently, I’ve been watching a really funny episode of Family Guy and in the show, there is a talking dog called Brian. He drives a car, just like every talking dog would, but he is very worried about the environment, so he drives an electric car which I didn’t even know was better for the environment.

So, this got me thinking, alright, I did a bit of research on the topic of environment and its current vibes.

I gotta tell you, pal, the crap I found ain’t pretty. I never knew that my trash ends up on some random beach in a third-world country. I mean, there are kids out there swimming in my trash.

And don’t get me started on global warming. This planet is constantly getting warmer and warmer. No wonder I haven’t been able to build a proper snowman last year.

But that’s not all. We still got air pollution, overpopulation and even forest fires.

This is all pretty messed up. So, to all you gals and pals out there: Research this on your own and find out how to make things better for our planet and our future ‘cos this really just grinds my gears.


I’ll go back to watching Family Guy now.

See ya!


Humanity – wake up!

Listen. It is not too late. You don’t need to watch BBC, CNN or your local news to know what is going on with our planet that we call home. Videos and pictures are spreading on every social media platform known.

Sea turtles are stuck in plastic bags, Muslims are detained in concentration camps in China because they believe in the ‘wrong religion’, all around the globe people of all colours and genders are protesting for human rights for black people, and humanity is suffering from a pandemic.

And all you are going to do is to complain about how hard 2020 is?

Move your ass!

Take care of the people next to you. Throw the trash in the bin which is meant for trash.

You wanna be treated correctly and nicely? So treat other living creatures, be it animal or human, like you want to be treated.

I am pretty sure you wouldn’t like it if strangers left your home dirty without caring about it. So stop leaving the earth dirty which is home to millions of people and animals.

Start changing!

T. S.

Save the Earth!

The Earth is just a little dot in the universe but for us, it is the greatest thing we could have. Without the Earth and the resources it has we would not live. So why are we humans polluting the Earth?

Humanity did not really (and still does not) take care of the earth and they keep making the earth dirtier and dirtier, e.g. when countries are fighting each other. Not only people are being hurt, but the earth is, as well.

Since the time of the industrialisation, the emission of carbon dioxide has been really high and the consequences of that are not good, such as climate change and rising sea levels which destroy some small islands.

Also, oil used by factories is again and again leaking into the water, and that is not really good, because not only the water is polluted, also the surroundings, and animals are injured.

But if you want to make the earth healthier again, then you need to act right now! And not just eat chips on the couch!

And I have some solutions. You need to eat less meat, drive less by car or bus, and instead walk or ride a bike to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide. Stop buying plastic products, use renewable energy from e.g. solar panels.

As a result of our actions of the past, we need to act right now or the earth we know today will not be the same in the future.

So: Do you wanna make the earth healthier and wanna have a better environment – or not? Yes?

Then do something and get up and put your chips away!


Save the planet!

The earth is a place in the universe that has been through quite a lot. It has recovered from devastating things. Things that seemingly did more damage than everything we have done to our blue planet.

But is it worth for us to invest so much of our time and resources in issues that don’t even look that bad at first glance in comparison to disasters like the comet that made dinosaurs go extinct?

It’s certain that someday, something’s going to happen so that our species goes extinct. It could also be a comet, or an erupting volcano are something completely different.

But I believe that our extinction shouldn’t be self-inflicted. And climate change would be a self-inflicted factor in that for sure. So we should care about our environment a little more in that regard.

And those conflicts between us are also unnecessary. People should finally get rid of the borders in their heads and start treating people equally. Regardless of the origin of a person or their wealth and so on. We will eventually all kick the bucket and we will be no more. So why should we live in conflict instead of harmony? It’s a waste of time which nobody gets back. Besides, conflicts on a bigger scale are also a thing that could end humanity through the use of nuclear weapons for instance.

And all of this only because of borders that are mad up in our heads. It’s pathetic.

We are the problem, so we have to change.

It’s time for us to overcome borders and nationalist thoughts so that we can work together on problems in a well-coordinated manner. Certain problems stretch across all borders. The problems ignore all the borders that we made up. That means that problems can’t be solved by a single country.

That’s why we need to combine the power and innovation of several countries to tackle those problems.

Those problems being things regarding our environment, pollution – and regarding our societies, like social injustice, defending democratic values and human rights.


Make School Great Again

Most of us don’t like school, right? I mean I know that I don’t, but why is that?

I personally think one major problem that our school system has are the things that are being taught to us, and the things that are not. So many topics that none of us is going to remember five years from now. Topics, which are just not interesting and appealing to us. I would rather want to know about how I can personally impact the world, even though it might be a small part. But that’s what school is for, right? To teach knowledge that can help other people or our environment and to keep spreading it to people who do not have that knowledge. It’s about sharing and growing together to make OUR planet a better place.

Ideas of mine are to invent new subjects which are more about the people and their daily life. After school, most of us are going to live by themselves, but they still do not know to take care of themselves. That might be the task of someone’s parents, but not everyone has a good education at home, not everyone has caring parents and most importantly not everyone has parents. That’s why I think that school should be teaching stuff like that. 

In addition to a different kind of knowledge that might be taught, also a change in behaviour should be supported by schools: Eco-friendly lifestyles are important if one wants to save the world for the future (that is: for us, the students). One idea that I have is the invention of rentable school bicycles. Every student should be able to rent a bicycle to ride home and come back to school the next day for a small price. That would be a big step for a better environment.

One thing that schools also have to start doing is to stop selling plastic bottles. The school doesn’t set a good example for children. If the school cares about pollution and the environment and stops selling plastic bottles, students won’t be able to buy them – and maybe start thinking about the use of plastic bottles.

What do you guys think? Are we expecting too much from our schools?

B. A.

To everyone coming here to find out how to make the world a better place

Global warming, racism etc.: why don’t you look at yourself first?

It’s easy to tell others what to do, but it’s much more difficult to do something yourself. I have no clue about the people that might read my attempts to lecture you.

All I can say to you is that you should look at yourself before others and don’t rely on people you don’t even know yourself.

J. K.

Saving the planet

Hi guys!

Today I want to talk about a topic that is important to all of us, our planet. “Saving the planet“ should be taken more seriously. We are all depending on a stable and healthy environment in a way the most can’t understand. Why else would people destroy our nature and follow racist ideas?

Clean air, clean water, clean earth are taken for granted, but the actual problems like pollution of the oceans, smog and general pollution are not getting the attention they need. The problem is that most people don’t know what effects this situation has on our planet. Our planet is slowly dying and if we allow it, we will die, too. Climate change is too far advanced, we must act now!

But the environment is not the only thing suffering – humanity is, too. People have to fight for their human rights against police violence, countries that don’t have a stable government need help, starvation must be stopped! If we can’t help and support each other, we can’t live together in a better place.

Changes are needed!

Let’s start by working together as a community. There are many organisations like Greenpeace and WWF you can join and support. Also you can join the BLM marches to set a political statement. One person is enough to inspire a bunch of people.

So guys, in the end I want all of you to think about how you can change our planet into a better place.

Share your opinion and inform yourself.          

Wish all of you a nice day!

R. B.

Being a part of ‘Saving the Planet’

Firstly, I think the main idea “Saving the Planet” is great, because of its broad variety. It’s also a very current topic and it affects each one of us.

The topic is really big and has many little areas, which means that each one of us, without excuses, can influence our environment, which means being a part of “Saving our Planet”. For example, you can consume less electricity or even ride a bike instead of going by bus or driving by car. That can be part of a global change.

Everyone has to do something for our world, not only a small part of us. The planet can’t be saved if there are still people who destroy the planet.

All in all, I can say that, if we don’t try to save this planet, in a couple of years there will be nothing we can save. We will destroy this earth, again and again.

I would like to live the next years on this planet, and I think it’s the duty of everyone who lives here to save the world and take care of our environment.