Liverpool 2017: There’s more to it than just English

Travelling to England as a Higher English course was not only about improving our command of the English language, it was much more, and at some point it had been a journey of first times for each of us, discovering new things, making new experiences:

  • Seeing the sea disappear at low tide
  • Taking a plane in the first place
  • Watching Manchester City win a football match at Manchester Stadium
  • Visiting music clubs that made The Beatles become famous
  • Spanish dinner at a Tapas bar
  • Beatle-mania
  • Writing a postcard & mailing it
  • Going to England
  • Horse-riding on a Victorian carrousel
  • Borrowing a wheelchair
  • Eating fish ’n‘ chips
  • Learning what a diocese and a cathedral are
  • Teaching the Bundesgrenzschutz about EU law
  • Having porridge – but is it better with milk or with water?
  • Strolling on a pier in Southport
  • Fine art emerging from the shore (Antony Gormley’s Another Place at Crosby Beach)
  • School uniforms
  • Lunch at a Mexican restaurant
  • Riding a black cab
  • Marvelling at wonderful libraries
  • Saying sorry for no reason
  • Watching football matches in a pub
  • Listening to live music at the Covern Club
  • Assisting others make good shopping choices
  • Eating green cotton candy
  • Being surrounded by helpful natives and caring fellow students (Thanks to everyone who helped pushing the wheelchair or carrying crutches every now and then!)

All this and more was Liverpool 2017 to us, and some of us will be back, you bet!

(LK Englisch, 16.-20.10.2017)